About Us

The Association of Networking Professionals has been around for over 15 years! Our group was started by a group of South Jersey business people who wanted a local alternative to the traditional networking groups. Our group is focused on building lasting relationships that produce business not just passing tips or referrals. If you have tried the other groups and/or chambers and your are sick of all the nonsense, please come check ANP out.

Why We Are Different

  • Dues Go to Cover Breakfast (not to a national organization)
  • No National Organization making rules for you every member has a say!
  • We Help Charitable Organizations
  • We Like Each Other!
  • No Training Classes Required
  • No Strict Rules (Our members show up because they WANT to succeed)
  • Only quality leadsĀ (no forced referrals, no rewards and no punishments)
  • No silly chanting or weird rituals (we promise)
  • We Are Casual (We have a structure but it isn’t absurdly formal)